New ideas, skills, knowledge and fresh thinking to enhance personal and organisational performance.


When we are achieving our targets are we actually maximising the potential of the market we working in? Do we have a selling culture in our sales teams and across the wider business? Do we have a proactive or reactive approach to selling? What is the potential of our sales staff and what else can we do to maximise performance? How do we develop our teams to ensure they are closing opportunities?

There are so many aspects to sales success to consider and so many opportunities to make even the best teams better. Investment in sales consultancy is an investment in maximising performance.

Benefits can include:

  • Sales growth and increasing market share
  • Missing fewer sales opportunities
  • Proactive and impactful sales leadership
  • Growth focused sales strategy and planning
  • Continuous focus on sales improvement
  • Recruitment, retention and development of sales performers
  • A collaborative & sales focused organisational culture



Collaborative working is the process and people driven activities that occur across internal departments, teams and with external partners.

Support for clients includes situational analysis reviews, team building workshops, collaborative working planning and working with key staff to implement improved practice and cooperation.

Benefits can include:

  • Identifying what works and what could work better
  • Better utilisation of resources
  • Greater leadership, team and individual cooperation
  • Increased productivity and less time on duplication/non-productive activities
  • Value and benefits realisation
  • Continuous improvement focus



Leaders ‘make a difference’ by achieving team objectives and seeking to deliver continuously better ways of working.

Programmes are tailored for your organisation and focus on developing leadership talent across new entrants, team leaders, middle managers and senior leaders.

Benefits can include:

  • Focusing and/or refocusing on the specific role of leadership in the present organisational circumstances
  • Setting relevant goals and objectives
  • Spending the right amount of time on key activities
  • Developing confidence in the role and commit to new practice
  • Developing talent in their teams
  • Improving personal performance and that of their teams



The role of a CEO, Managing Director or Senior Executive is endless. Focused on budgets, the wider organisation, a particular department, staff, strategy, budgets, future proofing, legislation, profits, efficiency, business improvement and much, much more!!. How much time is left for yourself? How much time is there to reflect, share ideas, plan, develop your own potential and invest in personal development.

Executive coaching creates the space for that professional ‘time out’.

Benefits can include:

  • Quality time out and a focus on specific issues
  • Greater personal effectiveness
  • The generation of new ideas for ‘even better’ personal and business performance
  • Quicker decision making through use of the coach as a ‘sounding board’
  • Enhanced self-awareness, motivation and maximisation of personal talent
  • Understanding others more clearly and productive working relationships
  • Enhanced professional impact (internal and external to your organisation)


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Methods of engagement.

Face to face:

Coaching and training room delivery using creative, practical and engaging facilitation methods.

Virtual sessions:

Utilising technology to facilitate coaching and training initiatives

Blended learning:

Maximising the benefits of face to face delivery and virtual sessions.


Time bound projects and initiatives working with clients virtually or on site.


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